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    Welcome to my blog! 

    I'm glad that you came to me, let's get to know each other!

    My name is Sara Paszkowska, but online I am more known as Saruliru.
    This is not my first time with blogging. In 2011 i opened saruliru.com blog and before there was a blog here only about fashion, but after all this years it came time for changes. A change of interests, acquired knowledge also experience taht I have now, helped me to transform this blog, on which I will focus now on beauty, food and lifestyle, and only fashion. There will be also posts about travel.

    I hope that you enjoy this blog, you will find here the content you are interested in and you will stay with me for longer. I will be very pleased if you'll visit me again.

    If you have any questions email me at contact@saruliru.com or use a contact form.

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